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Ramsey Dean inspired to write ‘Riding on a Beam of Light’ by his autistic son.

CHICAGO, Ill. – May 9, 2013 – See the world through the eyes of young and imaginative Albert Einstein in writer Ramsey Dean’s first children’s picture book, “Riding on a Beam of Light,” first released as an iTunes exclusive and available this May for all e-Readers and as physical copies.

Paired with vibrant illustrations by Noah Hamdan, Dean’s storybook delivers an unusual history lesson inspired by Einstein’s childhood curiosity of what it would be like to hop aboard a speeding ray of light. “Riding on a Beam of Light” unveils a galaxy of adventures and imagination that proves young minds can make a difference in the world around them, just as Einstein did in real life.

“I came up with the story when my autistic son asked me if his kid ideas would ever amount to anything,” Dean recalled. “I started explaining how when Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize, he credited his own boyhood idea of riding on a beam of light with the spark that led him to his theory of special relativity. And then we got our own spark.”

Dean’s engaging storytelling draws in parents and children alike with Einstein’s fascination for science and adventure, much like Harold from “Harold and the Purple Crayon” and Max from “Where the Wild Things Are.”

iPad Insight raves the book is “perfect for bedtime reading, and one I’m sure kids will ask to have repeated often – and maybe even get inspired by.”

Dean has deep roots in the music industry, having worked with Metallica, Guns n’Roses, Poison, Alice in Chains and hundreds of other bands. But the Chicago-based writer has always had a passion for crafting novels, screenplays, short stories and sketch comedy. He debuted in 2011 with his young adult novel “The CoolKids: An Emotional Hardcore Odyssey (or the Pros and Cons of Maintaining Veganity in an Increasingly Carnivorous World).”

Now available on iTunes & Kindle.

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