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Have you ever wondered how your children’s ideas could change the world? That thought might have crossed Mrs. Einstein’s mind when her young son Albert accepted the Noble Prize for his theory on special relativity. Einstein’s breakthrough in physics came when he re-visited one of his favorite boyhood imaginings, what it would be like to ride on a beam of light.

That power of imagination comes alive in Riding on a Beam of Light, a story that turns lights into a time of fascination, imagination and empowerment. Einstein proved a lot of things most of us don’t understand, but in this story we can all grasp the power of our childhood imagination and how our children’s ideas have meaning, value and could one day change the world.

More than a story, this book is a bedtime conversation, most importantly about the power of imagination and the importance of your kids ideas, and an early introduction to science, history and even theoretical physics.




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